Producer BK Srinivas and Dr Baraguru Ramachandrappa combination film ‘Bhagirathi’ based on ‘Kerege Haara’ folk tale that is completing 25 days for this week has been selected for ‘Habitat Film Festival’ in New Delhi.Indian films selected for the ‘Habitat Film Festival’ will be screened at the international platform from July 21 to 26. ‘<a href="http://www.supergoodmovies.com/29128/sandalwood/Bhagirathi-Movie-Gallery" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none; ">Bhagirathi’ on the sacrifice of junior daughter in law of the house for the sake of village acquiring water was selected at the Panorama of Goa International Film Festival.‘Bhagirathi’ starring Kishor, Bhavana, Dr Srinath, Thara, Shivadwaj, Hema Chaudhary, Padma Vasanthi, Ravishanker, Vatsala Mohan, Radha Ramachandra and others has cinematography from Harish Sandekoppa and music from V Manohar. The film with folk subject ‘Bhagirathi’ is reaching 25 days next week celebrated the happiness well in advance at 37 Crescent Hotel.Benkosri Bhagirathi Alemari Srinivas was in full bloom and mildly attacked the ‘Sannathana’ of Prof Doddarange Gowda in revealing Rs.950 collection of ‘Bhagirathi’. Suddenly he stated let us forget that illogical statement of senior. He moved further and in his new addition said we have plans to go all over Karnataka and make the film available to Schools and Colleges. BK Srinivas also made it clear that he is not paying rent and running the film ‘Bhagirathi’. It is running on its own strength. Kailash theatre gave me too good collections he pointed enlisting the collections made at various theatres in the first and second week.Prof Baraguru Ramachandrappa on daily duty to Kailash theatre has observed some good comments from the public. He felt the information with Doddarange Gowda was wrong. I don’t want to be a part of ‘Vivadhadha Vishagali Vijrumbane’ he pointed. On seven weeks run of Art Films – this is an exception. Seven weeks meaning Monday to Sunday but ‘Bhagirathi’ is in the third week gaining good momentum he stated. There is a thought of brining 20 to 40 to the cinema via special schemes stated Prof Baraguru.Thara Anuradha the senior ‘Bhagirathi’ expressed in the capacity of KCA Chair Person that ‘Bhagirathi’ has bright chance of moving around the film festivals of ‘Belli Mandala’. This film ‘Bhagirathi’ has proved that ‘Sadabiruchi Prekshaka’ is alive. Actress Bhavana was happy for ‘Chitra and Patra’. The film is moving in results in a positive note makes everyone happy said Bhavana.

Allu Arjun @ with his Caravan FALCON

Popular South hero Allu Arjun always manages to stay amid the headlines be it for his on-screen performances or off-screen style statements. His superior dancing skills, charismatic screen-presence and the ability to entertain; struck the right Continue Reading

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