“Lets open up on Depression” a Short film Released by Mrs India Finalist Mamta Trivedi at Prasad Auditorium, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Graced by Dr Aban Daver and Madhur. It’s an another effort in a series of steps to spread awareness about the disease. A monologue were performed by Mr. Madhur and a short film capturing a study on depression amongst youth will be played with a pledge to fight against depression. On the occassion Mrs Mamta Trivedi shares her experiences in dealing with different persons from varying backgrounds who are suffering from depression. Dr. AbanDaver will provide a clinical perspective of the disease in terms of treatment and cure, based on her 5 decades of experience in the field. The “not for profit” organization, HIVE, will be formally launched by the two eminent personalities. “There have been more than 5 crore reported cases of depression in the country. However, 1 in 10 persons is showing signs of depression. About 65% of young adults in the age group of 22 to 25 show early signs of depression. Yet, not many people seem to be aware of this disease. Most of the times, the patient is unaware that he or she is suffering from depression. The reaction of people to symptoms exhibited varies from imagining that the person has been possessed by a spirit to branding that person as mad”says, Mamta. As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility Programme has been organized by Skarp Events for Lala Dawasaz Pvt Ltd, a 114 year old organization which pioneered the concept of Unani medicine and the use of natural products as cosmetics,.Sri. Rohit Gupta, Director LalaDawasazPvt Ltd, will take this opportunity to announce Mrs. Mamta Trivedi as the brand ambassador of their products.

Allu Arjun @ with his Caravan FALCON

Popular South hero Allu Arjun always manages to stay amid the headlines be it for his on-screen performances or off-screen style statements. His superior dancing skills, charismatic screen-presence and the ability to entertain; struck the right Continue Reading

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