ust a fortnight ago ‘Dilk Ka Raaja’ was launched with Santosh Patil as director and his parents as producers of the film starring<a href="http://www.supergoodmovies.com/7822/sandalwood/Ramya-Actress-Gallery" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none; ">Ramya and <a href="http://www.supergoodmovies.com/13065/sandalwood/prajwal-devaraj-actors-gallery" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none; ">Prajwal Devaraj.On Monday once again for the urge of a son, parents have come forward to invest money to the extent of Rs.1.5 crores. That is for the film ‘Simple Agi Ondh Love Story’. The beauty of this film is that on the muhurut day of the film Suni – with many responsibilities on his shoulder screened 10 minutes feeler of his film. He keeps most of the contents he has captured investing Rs.85000 on it. It was quite interesting. The dialogue portions of ups and down in life was lovable aspect.Suni has prepared a script that suits for Summer, Rainy and Winter season. He is shooting for this backdrop to the cinema in Madikeri, Mysore and Mangalore – it will be wrapped up in 32 days. The preparation is strong. On the muhurut day the film unit left to Coorg district to capture the rain and mist.  Suni worked under Dinesh Baboo, Shivaraj Hosakere and Chakravarthy has come on his own good ideology in presenting a love story film.‘Simple Agi Ondh Love Story’ starring Rakshit Shetty and Shwetha Srivatsav went on the floor after the trailer screening at Renukamba Digital theatre. It has story, screenplay, dialogues, lyrics, production and direction by Suni. His parents and friends are investing up to Rs.1.5 crores on this film.Rakshit Shetty put the director in inconvenience and hero of ‘Tuglak’ Kannada cineme seems to have not come out from that nature.  Tuglaq hero Rakshit Shetty was looking for a simple love story. In the title itself such a film has come to him.The ultra modern lady Shwetha Srivatsav heroine of ‘CYNYMPK’ says the script narrated to her tempted to accept this film. Cameraman Manohar Joshi is using the latest digital camera for 5K resolution. It is a challenge to bring three seasons in 32 day shoot. I accept this challenge and Suni has penned wonderful dialogues he pointed.Bharat BJ is scoring four songs and a few bits for the film. He has worked as conductor for over 40 films in the camp of V Manohar and K Kalyan.  

Allu Arjun @ with his Caravan FALCON

Popular South hero Allu Arjun always manages to stay amid the headlines be it for his on-screen performances or off-screen style statements. His superior dancing skills, charismatic screen-presence and the ability to entertain; struck the right Continue Reading

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