The best way to release the audio was thought by producers Atlanta Nagendra and actor cum producer Sharan for ‘Rambo’ Kannada cinema. Showing songs for stalwarts like V Ravichandran and golden star Ganesh and then seeking the opinion is logical way. That is what happened on Monday night at Solitaire Hotel in Bengaluru.Four songs of the movie were screened first and then the CD in the Car shape was released by dream merchant of Kannada cinema V Ravichandran. Before that V Ravichandran said ‘Action’ to release the four songs on the screen.At the audio release director AS Srinath, music director Arjun Janya, Tarun Sudhir the key person behind ‘Rambo’, debut hero Sharan of his 100th film in 10th year of film career, Tabla Naani, lyricists Kaviraj, Hrudayashiva, Ghouse Peer, Anand Audio Shyam were present.At this audio release actress Shruthi daughter Gowri was clicking pictures was notable one.The grand master in Kannada cinema Ravichandran in his addressed inquired on the two girls comes with Sharan in one of the song sequence. My father has two wives and why not two heroines replied Sharan that evoked laughter. However V Ravichandran cautioned wife of Sharan on this occasion. The respect to the technicians given in one of the songs was appreciated by V Ravichandran. The film has set some curiosity. Sharan is a confident guy. He needs further push in his career. All the team members happily seen is a good sign. All payments are cleared felt V Ravichandran in his usual wit and humor.Golden star Ganesh wishing the team all the success said Sharan should do more of the hero’s roles in future.The famous comedy actor and hero from this film in his 100th film ‘Rambo’ Sharan expressed he had fear and happiness when he took up this film. We caught hold of good story first. For my mouth it is a big ‘Thutthu’. I believed that cinema is a ‘Shakthi’. It catches what it requires. That is what happened. I told Atlanta Nagendra my long time friend over the phone and cheque came from him for this joint production Sharan revealed. He is a staunch Kannada film viewer. He tells from California to go and see such and such a film in Veeresha theatre. There are six songs in this film. The big force behind this film is Tarun Sudhir. I have liked one magnificent statement of V Ravichandran recently for a question what is cinema. He said ‘I’ am cinema. Such immense love to cinema from him is always seen added Sharan in his speech.Atlanta Nagendra come for the audio event from USA agreed for the film over the telephone. In his address producer of ‘Joke Falls’ and a few other films Atlanta Nagendra said he has been a great fan of V RAvichandran. It is Ravisir who inspired me to take up films. The creativity, song placement, visualization guru is Ravisir pointed Nagendra. Anand Audio Shyam confidently said Manetanaka Baare will be top of all the songs. Tabla Nani thanked for good role and good costumes in the film. Kaviraj, Hrudayashiva and Ghouse Peer thanked for being a part of the film.Arjun Janya so immersed in ‘Romeo’ for Rambo audio he said ‘Romeo’. Very interesting songs came to me that helped in scoring music he pointed.

Allu Arjun @ with his Caravan FALCON

Popular South hero Allu Arjun always manages to stay amid the headlines be it for his on-screen performances or off-screen style statements. His superior dancing skills, charismatic screen-presence and the ability to entertain; struck the right Continue Reading

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